Beauty Foods: Avocados

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Avocados are the best fruit sources for Vitamin E. It is also  high in oleic acid, which has been shown to prevent breast cancer. They have also been said to promote great eye health, as well can help lower cholesterol. So eating avocado will keep you beautiful for sure! Can avocado be used as a facial? Of course!

An avocado mask:

  • Can work as an anti-inflammatory toward the skin.
  • You can also use in your hair to keep it moisturized and shiny.

Believe in you and stay beautiful:)


Beauty News To Inspire You: Be The Best You.

In Beauty News To Inspire You on September 12, 2011 at 1:00 am

Be the best version of YOU.

Being the best “YOU” can and will mean different things to different people. It will mean one thing to you and another to your mother, father, husband, friend, etc. Many times in life we try to be the best of someone or something. We all aspire to be more, do more, accomplish more, based on standards set by others. Rarely do we remember to think of the best person we can aspire to be. The best version of YOU. Have you ever thought of that? It is time to put aside the notion of being the best mother, worker, wife, doctor, lawyer, friend, and start working on being the best version of “YOU” – the individual.

You see when you are the best version of YOU, the rest magically falls into place. You will be the best mother, father, dancer, friend and so on. Why? Because being the best version of you means that you are plugged into who you are and that you are functioning at your highest frequency in your physical, spiritual and mental capacity.It means that you are in tune with you and what works and what doesn’t work for you. When you understand the value of being the best version of yourself, you will function on a whole different level. And you will truly understand why it is impossible to be anyone else but you.

Being the best you, truly starts with you. You need to be connected and in tune with you. You need to pay attention to you and your needs. Who and what others are and want doesn’t matter. Only YOU matter. How many of you have looked in the mirror and said, ” I would like to be the best version of me.” Do you know what it feels like to be your best you? What will YOUR best version look like? What will the best version of Karlyn Percil look like?

I sometimes look at Naomi Campbell’s legs and always say to myself, I want legs like that!

But growing into the best version of me, means that I should try to get the best toned version of my legs – whatever that will look like! I can look to Naomi for inspiration, but my legs will never look like hers (doesn’t it look great?). Let’s face it, it won’t. And that’s OK. Because growing into my best me, does not include Naomi’s legs. It includes Karlyn Percil’s legs.

And it all starts with a committment from me, to always remember that I can only be the best version of ME. No one else, but me and it starts with OWN (Ownership Within Needed). OWN is the only way that I will be able to grow effectively into my personal best. This is the only way I can be the very best Karlyn Percil.

And what about you? Are you growing into your personal best? Have you made a committment to be your best YOU?

This week, I want you to remember, that YOU can only be the best version of YOU. No one else but YOU. Look to others for inspiration, but always remember that growing into your best “YOU”, is the best thing you can do for yourself. Start today, start from where you are.

Beauty Pledge for the week: I promise to be the best ME, I can be.

Keep on believing in you and stay beautiful:)

Sending you lots of beauty love,

Karlyn D Percil
Founder, Writer & Creator – my beauty bank (mbb)

Beauty Quote: Canadian Women’s Foundation

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Bombarded by media images of impossibly thin, airbrushed and sexualized young women, girls today are constantly given the message that they don’t measure up.- Canadian Women’s Foundation

What are your thoughts on the subject?

What are YOU doing to help young women feel beautiful?

To help them believe in themselves?

What are YOU doing to help balance beauty?